Meet the Publishers

Indran Amirthanayagam is a poet, author of twenty-two poetry books, a diplomat, a translator, poetry host, and editor. He hails from Ceylon, an island now known as Sri Lanka. He grew up there, in London, and in Honolulu before going to Haverford College to play cricket and to learn peacemaking. He started writing poems taking after his father Guy Amirthanayagam and his granduncle Tambimuttu. He edits, tweets at @indranmx, is on Instagram @Indran1960, and runs The Poetry Channel on youtube. His newest books are 10,000 Steps Against the Tyrant and Blue Window.

Sara Cahill Marron is a writer and the author of Reasons for the Long Tu’m (Broadstone Books, 2018), Nothing You Build Here, Belongs Here (Kelsay Books 2021), and Call Me Spes (MadHat Press 2022). Born in Virginia, she lives and works in New York, where her fire to write poetry was stoked initially while studying at St. John’s University in Queens. She calls Long Island her home now, and enjoys running, the shore and its sun-splays, and learning the names of birds. She is the Associate Editor of Beltway Poetry Quarterly and is now pleased to announce the birth of Beltway Editions, a press dedicated to publishing poets of all languages, speaking across the globe a codex of necessary verses for readers in an interconnected satellite stitched world. Her work has been published widely and is available at

Jorge Ureta Sandoval is a Peruvian author, editor, book designer and layout designer, literature teacher. He designs all cover art for Beltway Editions.