Diving At the Lip of the Water 

 Karen Poppy

Karen Poppy's much anticipated debut poetry collection, Diving At The Lip Of The Water, confronts family systems and societal gender expectations, to reclaim what makes us powerful and whole. It revels in and demonstrates what the legendary Judy Grahn calls “paradox and power” in her praise for Karen Poppy's poetic exploration.

Karen Poppy has written a book “that will rough a reader up and then wrap their scrapes in silk” according to Francesca Bell.

Scott Ferry observes that Karen Poppy “wields the power of the immortal in each word, each song.”

Sonia Greenfield writes that “the poems...are wide-ranging...whether they're leaping off from the lines of Whitman or Plath, exploring failures of intimacy, or gathering animals in a menagerie of the symbolic, their untamed characteristics bristling at the book's edges and representative of the speaker's own wild sense of self.”

In this daring collection, the reader holds hands with the poet to dive at the lip of the water. What treasures and truths await below the surface? You will find the answer in these luminous, arresting poems.