2022 Titles

Our Ancestors Did Not Breathe This Air, by Afeefah Khazi-Syed, Aleena Shabbir, Ayse Angela Guvenilir, Maisha Munawwara Prome, Mariam Eman Dogar & Marwa Abdulhai  

The New Gods, by William O'Daly

Some Days the Bird, by Anne Casey & Heather Bourbeau

2023 Titles

Diving at the Lip of the Water, by Karen Poppy  (March 1, 2023)

Weathering Agents, by Carole Greenfield (March 24, 2023) 

The Frozen Sea Within Us, by Jonathan Harrington (August 1, 2023)

Crowded House, by Safia Jama (November 1, 2023)